Ana Bernardino

With a Master degree in Clinical and Health Psychology – Universidade da Beira Interior and effective member of the Portuguese Psychologists Association, she focused her intervention to the social and community area. In 2016, she became responsible for informing and guiding people/families about their rights and duties and, as well as how to access resources, equipment and services appropriate to each situation. She joined the CooLabora team in 2021, giving a voice to children and young people victims of domestic violence in the Psychological Support Office.

Ana Santos

Master in Clinical and Health Psychology from the University of Beira Interior and effective member of the Order of Portuguese Psychologists. Has carried out her training and professional career in psychological assessment and intervention with children and adolescents. Has joined the Coolabora team in 2023 as a psychologist providing psychological support for children and young people who are victims of domestic violence.

Antónia Silvestre

Cooperator and member of CooLabora since 2013. She works in social intervention since 1996, having dedicated herself to areas such as professional training, environmental education, solidarity economy and social inclusion of publics at risk of social exclusion. Along this path, the work carried out with children, young people and families stands out, as well as the work done for the creation of the solidarity economy group Troca a Tod@s. She has a degree in Sociology from the Universidade da Beira Interior, where she also completed a postgraduate degree in Environmental Management.

Átila Sá

Economics student, attending the 12th year at Escola Secundária Frei Heitor Pinto. Of Angolan nationality, he is 18 years old and is a federated junior football athlete at Clube Académico do Fundão.
He loves sport and music, and is discovering his role as a collaborator in community intervention with young people and their families.
He is part of the CooLabora team since the beginning of the 9th generation of the Escolhas Program, where he works as Community Animator in the social inclusion project Quero Ser Mais. He wants to be a role model and inspiration for young participants.

Diana Silva

Member of CooLabora since 2012, she works in the area of prevention and combating domestic and gender-based violence and is responsible for assisting victims in the offices of Belmonte and Covilhã. Criminologist by Escola de Criminologia, Faculdade de Direito da Universidade do Porto. She has a specialization in Autobiographical Methodology for Women Victims of Domestic Violence, by Libera Universitá Dell’Autobiographia in Anghiari, Italy.

Elisabete Palma

Degree in Economics from the Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias, with a postgraduate degree in Economics and Municipal Policies and in Territorial Marketing from the Universidade da Beira Interior. Since 1999, she has worked in the coordination and financial and administrative follow-up of projects for local development. She joined the CooLabora team in January 2023, where she is responsible for the financial and administrative follow-up of projects.

Graça Rojão

Cooperator and co-founder of CooLabora. Over the last 25 years, her professional activity has always been linked to civic and solidarity initiatives. She is particularly interested in issues related to the solidarity economy and equality between men and women.
She holds a PhD in Sociology, having done research on Degrowth and Care in Alternative Local Initiatives. She has a specialization in Gender Equality and a postgraduate degree in Project Management.

Inês Dias

Degree and Master in Clinical and Health Psychology from the Universidade da Beira Interior. The first contact with CooLabora took place in 2012 when she joined Ubicool – university volunteering – and, later, carried an Internship in the Quero Ser Mais E6G Project. In 2020, she joined CooLabora as a social intervention worker in the Quero Ser Mais E7G Project, developing the same function since then.

Rosa Carreira

Cooperator and co-founder of CooLabora, she has been working in social intervention since 1998. Along this path, the work with schools in preventing violence and promoting a culture of peace among children and young people stands out. Also noteworthy is the work with Roma communities, namely, in the creation of educational resources to combat prejudice. She studied Social Anthropology at ISCTE and Public Policy at Universidade de Coimbra.

Outros membros

Amélia Augusto

Professor at the University of Beira Interior, PhD in Sociology. A committed cooperator and researcher, who believes that scientific knowledge, combined with innovative practices of social intervention, contributes to the construction of a more just, solidary and egalitarian society.

André Barata Nascimento

Professor at UBI – Universidade da Beira Interior, philosopher. Cooperator after meeting CooLabora where he witnesses how it is possible to combine the practice of equality, the uncompromising fight against discrimination, and the willingness to imagine a better world.

Francisco Tiago Antunes Paiva

Professor at UBI. PhD in Fine Arts, designer and architect. Cooperator and co-founder.
He is professionally and civically interested in the relationship between the arts and social, urban and territorial dynamics.

Gracinda Pereira

Founding cooperator, she has a background in Management and worked from 2001 to 2021 in the financial and administrative monitoring of projects to promote social development. She stands up for a social justice based on values of equity, equality, respect for diversity and the enforcement of human rights in all areas of human activity.

Jesuíno António Moreira Simões

Degree in Physics, Master in Chemistry (Universidade da Beira Interior). Teacher of Physics and Chemistry at Escola Secundária Quinta das Palmeiras, Covilhã. Co-founder of CooLabora. He believes it is possible to build a fairer society where discrimination is a useless word.

Maria Teresa Nobre Correia

PhD in Modern Languages. Secondary school teacher.
Interested in different ways to help promote life with dignity.

Marta Vilarinho

I am a Social Worker and Family Therapist. Master in Family and Social Systems, specializing in intervention in the area of dependencies. In my spare time I like to interpret reality with colors and stories that I discover, hidden on the canvas or in life experiences. To CooLabora, I thank every day for its existence and I proudly participate in its actions

Rita Salvado

Professor at UBI, director of the Wool Museum, PhD in Textile Engineering. She is interested in the collective appreciation of wool culture and its impact on local development.

Sónia de Sá

She is a member of the CooLabora General-Assembly and Assistant Professor at the Universidade da Beira Interior. She teaches strategic and audiovisual communication and also develops research in participatory culture, gender equality and television. She is a graduate, master and PhD in Communication Sciences. Feels CooLabora like a second home.